Goals for 2019

2019 started out well. I had had a successful first year in Audax in 2018 and my longest weekly run was up to over 21km in length. Then I cracked a rib cross-country skiing in Austria… Base Metrics 2019 Weight: 97.3 kg Height: 187 cm BMI: 27.8 FTP: 285 Power/weight: 2.93 VO2max: 49 ml/kg/min Lactate […]

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Where to start?

Thanks for joining me! Utah! Get me two! — Angelo Pappas, Point Break I’m sure there’s a much more inspirational Point Break quote to use here, but it’s still the best moment in the best film ever… At least, that’s what I thought when I started cycling back in the mid Nineties (see my profile […]

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